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Holy Haircut, Batman!

Holy Haircut, Batman!

For $5K, Cartoon Art Museum’s Curator Will Get Barbered with a Bat-Symbol

In honor of the Cartoon Art Museum’s current exhibition, Batman: Yesterday and Tomorrow, CAM Curator Andrew Farago is turning back the clock to 1989.  Or, to be more specific, he’s turning his head back to 1989.  If the Cartoon Art Museum receives $5,000 in donations between now and the evening of April 2, Farago will shave the famed Bat-Symbol into his hair at the Museum’s annual WonderCon weekend fundraising party, just as many Bat-Fans did in the months leading up to the release of Warner Bros.’ 1989 Batman film.

“My mother thought it was a bad idea 21 years ago, and I’m sure she’d still think it’s a bad idea today.  I’ve had plenty of bad haircuts before,  but this is the first one I’ll be getting for a good cause,” said Farago.

Batman: Yesterday and Tomorrow, on exhibit until June 6, 2010, showcases six strikingly different interpretations of the Dark Knight.  The exhibit includes artwork by Bob Kane and Bill Finger, Neal Adams, Frank Miller, Pepe Moreno, Jiro Kuwata and others.  The exhibit will also feature appearances and conversations by a number of the artists whose work is on display.  Full information on the exhibit and artist appearances can be found at <> .

Donations can be made through CAM’s website,; through CAM’s Facebook pages, which are accessible through < > and <>.  Checks can be mailed to the Cartoon Art Museum at 655 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94105; please indicate “Bat-haircut” in the subject line.  The Cartoon Art Museum is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit educational museum, and all funds raised from “Holy Haircut, Batman!” will support the museum’s public programming and exhibitions.

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