October 29th, 2009

November Cartoonist-in-Residence: Debbie Huey

 November Cartoonist-in-Residence:  Debbie Huey

Cartoon Art Museum Event:  Saturday, November 14th, 2009 1pm  to 3pm 
Free and Open to the public

The Cartoon Art Museum hosts cartoonist Debbie Huey on Saturday, November 14, 2009 from 1pm to 3pm as part of its ongoing Cartoonist-in-Residence program.  Museum visitors will be offered the chance to talk to her about cartooning and view Debbie’s work.
Debbie Huey is the artist, writer, and creator of the all-ages Bumperboy comics series.  Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Huey received her Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts in 2000 at the University of California, Santa Cruz. She admits she had never purchased a comic book until the age of 21, when she attended her first comic book convention, but ever since then she has been passionate about reading and drawing comics. 

In 2002, Huey began self-publishing the Bumperboy minicomics series. After realizing success at several comic book conventions throughout California, she was awarded the 2005 Xeric Grant to publish Bumperboy Loses His Marbles as a graphic novel.  Huey later built upon this achievement by teaming up with AdHouse Books to publish the next Bumperboy adventure, Bumperboy and the Loud, Loud Mountain, which successfully hit comic book shelves in July 2006. 

Huey has also contributed to a number of anthologies, including Project: Romantic, AdHouse Books' 2006 compilation of comics devoted to the subject of love, and Lifemeter, an anthology inspired by the video games we have grown to enjoy.  

Huey currently resides in Redwood City, CA and is working on several new exciting Bumperboy stories. 

This event is free and open to the public.


Dolltopia Event with Abby Denson on November 8

 DOLLTOPIA: New from Abby Denson and Green Candy Press this Fall! 

Cartoon Art Museum Event:  Sunday, November 8, 2009 1pm to 3pm
Free and open to the public

Green Candy Press is proud to announce the publication of Abby Denson’s latest graphic novel,Dolltopia.  Denson’s cross-country promotional tour wraps up at the Cartoon Art Museum onSunday, November 8 with a special booksigning—featuring cupcakes and a doll contest!
Lulu Award-winning cartoonist Abby Denson is a rock n’ roll ‘Jane of all trades’ and creator of the queer comic Tough Love: High School Confidential, and now she’s bringing the punked-up Barbies and stripped-down Kens of her new book Dolltopia on the road! 
Having written scripts for Archie Comics (Sabrina the Teenage Witch), DC Comics (Powerpuff Girls), Simpsons Comics, and Marvel (Amazing Spider-Man Family), and between teaching comic book classes and playing in a whole host of punk bands, Abby has now gone back to her roots and returned to her childhood habit of making her dolls ‘different’ and setting them free from their predetermined fates. 
Dolltopia is the story of Kitty, a ballerina doll forced into a not-so-happily-ever-after living arrangement with a male jock toy. Filled with discontent, Kitty takes it upon herself to escape her human-imposed domesticity and create a new life and a new image for herself away from the persecution of the human world. On this mission, she finds not only a host of like-minded individuals, but a veritable heaven for the alternative doll: Dolltopia. 
It’s not all child’s play though: Abby’s comics explore the hugely relevant themes of identity, individuality and making a mark within a society that seeks to sterilize and monopolize. Dolltopiais a smart and sassy allegory for modern life and the need for self-expression, with reference to such hot topics as queer politics, feminism, plastic surgery, depression, and even the free will debate arising from the creator-creation relationship.  
Having started as a one-page comic in 2002, Dolltopia has since taken on a life of it’s own, growing into a 24-page mini-comic, and ultimately, into a full-blown graphic novel. The Dolltopia graphic novel will be published in a deluxe edition with pink spot color throughout and French flaps with paper dolls designed into them.
Dolltopia has been embraced by the New York art scene, comic book fans, and has even been used in queer theory college courses. 

Join the doll revolution and discover that these dolls are more than just toys!

Dolltopia by Abby Denson
ISBN: 978-1931160-70-4, $15.00, 128 pages
Release Date: October 15th, 2009, Published by Green Candy Press

A 12-page preview of Dolltopia can be found here on Abby’s website:


A full PDF of chapter one can be downloaded here:


For review copies or author interviews, please contact heather@greencandypress.com


Sep 26 – Bethesda - Small Press Expo
Oct 2 – New York - Rocketship
Oct 3 – New York - Giant Robot
Oct 16 – Toronto – The Beguiling (w/ Matt Loux)
Oct 23 – Portland, ME – Casablanca Comics (w/ Tim Fish)

Oct 24 – Boston – Comicopia (w/ Tim Fish)

Oct 25 – New York – Wonderland Beauty Salon
Oct 31 – Vancouver – Elfsar Comics

Nov 1 – Vancouver – Emily Carr University of Art and Design

Nov 4 – Portland, OR – In Other Words

Nov 5 – Portland, OR – Floating World Comics
Nov 6 – San Francisco – Modern Times

Nov 7 – San Francisco – A Different Light

Nov 7 – San Francisco – Giant Robot

Nov 8 – San Francisco – Cartoon Art Museum


Cartoon Story-telling with Joe Wos on November 29

 Cartoon Story-telling with Joe Wos


Cartoon Art Museum Event:  Sunday, November 29, 2009, 1:00pm and 3:00pm





Watch drawings come to life, and learn how to create your own, as Joe Wos presents his original blend of storytelling and live cartoon illustration, an unforgettable and entertaining experience that children and adults of all ages will enjoy.  Wos will perform his stories at the Cartoon Art Museum on Sunday, November 29, 2009 at 1:00pm and 3:00pm followed by a signing of copies of his instructional DVD, How to Toon (available in the Cartoon Art Museum bookstore).  Performance is included with the cost of admission.

Wos will also be performing at the Charles M. Schulz Museum as part of his travels.  Please visitwww.schulzmuseum.org for details.  

With prods from the audience, children and adults alike, Wos weaves both original tales and re-tells the classics.   The stories, a combination of performance, literary and visual art, are renditions of folk tales and fairy tales with a twist.

“I never know what’s going to spawn an idea for a story,” says Wos.  Joe Wos is the current Executive Director of Toonseum at the Children’s Museum in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and has been telling stories while drawing them since 1991.  Wos has performed across the United States, including New York, St. Louis, Atlanta, New Orleans and now is returning to San Francisco, with further stops including the Charles M. Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa.

How to Toon, Wos’ instructional DVD, was filmed at the Charles M. Schulz Museum and has a special introduction by Jean Schulz.  A step-by-step process using imagination exercises, stories and drawing instructions, Wos not only teaches how to draw, but how to create a story.  

Joe Wos is a freelance cartoonist and storyteller from Pittsburgh, PA, who has been sharing his talents with audiences across the nation for the past 10 years.  He founded and is the current Executive Director of Toonseum at the Children’s Museum in Pittsburgh, PA.  For more information on Wos and his performances, check out his website at www.onceuponatoon.com.

The duration of each performance is approximately 20 minutes.  Bring your own ideas and imagination to the event and help take part in Wos’s creative storytelling process.